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Movie about a sick and twisted church run by women

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Not sure how active the community is now. Please take your time to read this long description of the movie. If someone sees this post months or years after I posted it, I won’t be checking this thread. If I don’t reply to your comments in a couple of days, just tweet or DM me @aravinthanchakr


What I remember about the movie title – It was one or 2 word title. At least one of the word had 6+ letters. I vaguely remember it being similar to Something like masochist or sadism.

When and where I watched it – 3 or 4 years ago in a website similar to 0123movies or 123movieshd. I usually scroll through their collection and hand pick few movies to watch, based on the poster and synopsis. I found this movie in the same way.

plot synopsis – A church run by women preaches some extreme anti-men views. 2 students/sisters stumble upon an injured guy, and give him shelter, without anyone else’s knowledge. The nuns/teachers find out about him and remove his manliness (details provided down below it’s fucked up, disturbing and not for faint of heart)

about the church’s extreme teachings – The nuns who run the place believe in a theory/hypothesis. If all male of a species die, the females will evolve and adapt to keep the life going. They want to either kill all men or change their sex.

details which I’m 100% sure of

The church gets their needed funds for survival and their world changing plans by shooting porn videos with the students (lesbian sex) This is not considered or taught as a taboo or sin. meanwhile sex and porn of all other kind are not allowed.

Movie starts with 2 students watching a gay porn. The porn is not only showed, but heard. While that happens, the 2 students talk about big ideology and metaphysics. They are told that only F on F sex is pure and even other kind of pairing on porn is sin. One student argues about how M on M porn is different than M and F porn, while the other argues it is just as despicable as FM porn.

The injured male who was hiding in the church basement (the only male main character) has sex with one of the student. While making out, he realises that the student is transgender. He was shocked but he continues.

The main lead student is trans gender too (mtF without bottom surgery) and she has been pretending to be cis female by not changing in front of her friends and avoiding common showers during usual shower time. One of the nuns was secretly trans too.

The nuns have weird white hat, curvy and somewhat pointy.

There is also this scene where a male sheriff or cop tries to get into the premise to look for that injured guy. The nuns send him away.

The para between this has description of disturbing things. trigger warninhs- nonconsensual, blood, medical procedure, operation…

So the climax of the movie is, nuns become aware of the injured guy and decide to fix him (change his sex). The operation was shown on screen. I don’t know the casual term for it, but medically it is known as vaginoplasty or penile inversion. I don’t know for sure. I fast forwarded through this part for obvious reasons and my medical knowledge is certainly not good enough. It wasn’t someone playing pretend. It seem like a clip shown to surgeons. probably taken during a gender sex operation or it is just best prosthetics.

The para between this has description of disturbing things. trigger warnings- nonconsensual, blood, medical procedure, operation, sharp objects…

After that, the ladies of the church show up in a crowded theater with guns and medical equipment (just scalpel I think). They just lock all the doors and speak about their twisted values. The movie’s final dialogue is an ultimatum. “Men in this room can either die or willing go through the procedure.” I’m paraphrasing, of course.

what might have happened+other details

I’m not good with recognizing faces and remembering them. I think the movie has no big name/mainstream actress and actor.

The might have been English, half English/half french or basically any European language. Sorry, I just watch movies if I like the synopsis, whether or not the movie is in a language I understand.

The main lead’s secret comes out too. The nuns decides not to give her a bottom operation, Because she is already trans and one of them

The movie is set between war time and the injured guy is a runaway soldier(?)

I’m totally sick and tired of people saying “this is your fever dream,” “you made this up,” etc., If that’s what you have to say to me, please keep it to yourself.


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Thank you so much VHS LIVES!

I was at the brink of questioning my sanity.

Glad that was it. It took a few minutes to figure out the exact keywords to find it…..