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Movie about a police photographer, probably from the 90s

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I remember a couple of things about the movie:
-The first scene I remember is about a photographer getting a side job at a police station. When he opens his locker he finds a black and white picture of a lady chewing a bubble gum. The picture turns black when lights hit it.
-There is a photo contest at the police department (if I remember it right) and there were lots of stuff going on. When the guy tries to take his picture for the competition he ends up taking exactly the same picture as he saw in his locker. There was something about the lady in the photo betraying her husband, I guess.
-I am not sure if this one is from the same movie, but I think it is. The guy brings a watch to fix, and the watchmaker tells him he cannot fix it unless he knows what happened at the time that the clock stopped.

I saw this movie about 20 years ago, and I would like to watch it again. I cannot find the name anywhere.

fragomeni88 Posted new comment Feb 16, 2021

does this seem to be a sci fi or mystery film?

It was a mystery movie. Sorry for the delay in answering, but my password was not working and the site banned my IP 🙂