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Movie about a man who kidnaps woman and she ends up staying with him


Name of movie where single man kidnaps lonely store clerk and keeps her locked in his basement apartment. He is nice to her, feeds her, but leaves her alone all day when he goes to work. She hits him in the eye with her shoe heel and he then wears an eyepatch. He eventually releases her and she walks around for awhile and eventually goes back to him.

pori Posted new comment Nov 28, 2020

Also, the movie was around the late 60’s in black and white



Something Wild sounds like a good match. That critically acclaimed black and white USA-made independent film was released in 1961. I saw it a few years ago on Turner Classic Movies. They had scheduled a tribute to the film’s director, Jack Garfein.

Carroll Baker plays a NYC college student who is raped on her way home from college one night. She doesn’t tell anyone about the attack and becomes increasingly despondent. She quits college, moves out of her parents’ home, and takes a job as a clerk in a store. She slips deeper and deeper into depression and finally attempts suicide by jumping from a bridge. A factory worker, played by Ralph Meeker, rescues her. He brings her back to his dreary basement apartment where he cares for her. But Meeker’s character is a rather sad, lonely man himself, and he won’t let the girl leave his apartment. I think I remember a scene in which Meeker returns home drunk one night. He tries to force himself on Baker, they struggle, and she kicks him in the face. In the morning he has a black eye, but no memory of the struggle. Baker does eventually leave Meeker’s apartment, but later, after she has learned to deal with her trauma, she returns to him because she has grown to care for him.

Tim Answered question Feb 24, 2020