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Movie about a guy trying to stay awake

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There is a movie my brother told me about, that he forgot the name of, that I wanted to watch.

He said it starts off with this guy staying up late listening to the radio and hears a broadcast telling people that a disease has spread that kills you if you fall asleep. Unfortunately, it being the middle of the night, it’s already too late for a lot of people and by the sound of it the majority of the movie is set through the lens of security cameras in grocery stores and places this guy visits as he wonders around his town alone trying to stay awake.

It sounds interesting and I’d like to watch it but neither of us know the name of it and as it is it was years ago that he told me about it.

Atlas Posted new comment Aug 25, 2021

maybe, “Nightmare on” ?

Maybe I’ll have to take a look, thanks