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Movie about a guy “infected” with sand powers, running through a desert really fast


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I’m looking for this movie for quite a while now and I can’t seem to find it anywhere – the issue is I only remember like 1 scene from it.
Basically a dude got “infected” with some sort of sand demon powers or something like that, I only remember that it was sad when he got them I think because his skin changed and he was considered a monster, or was going to die soon because of it or something – maybe both, I’m not sure. And the other thing I remember is him figuring out he can run really fast through the desert after becoming the sand demon thing, and he also figured out that he can go much faster if he swings his arms as well while he’s running.
I remember watching it around 2000’s, +/- 3 years.
I’m sorry for the lack of details I was smol at the time and memory is kinda fuzzy.

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Abba Answered question Jul 14, 2022