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Movie about a Female Psychic

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I actually watched this movie fairly recently and I even think it’s in my video library. But with over 7000 titles, I don’t know where to start to look, and I can’t even remember who starred in it, but I think they are well known actors.

It starts with a young man (who turns out to be a newspaper reporter) in the woods, and he comes across a clearing with a small cabin. A woman emerges, and he secretly takes pictures of her. Then the story flashes back to an old man and his daughter, traveling by rail, and going to small southern towns where the daughter performs as a psychic in churches.

The ending of the film involves what the reporter’s photos show when they are developed.

Any help? Google has been uncharacteristically unhelpful.

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Got my answer from another forum, the movie is BLACK RAINBOW, directed by Mike Hodges, starring Rosanna Arquette, Jason Robards and Tom Hulce.

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What’s that other forum?