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Movie about a cloned guard in a building ( behind closed doors )


I’m looking for a movie or TV movie from the 90s or maybe the early 2000s. I remember it’s a science fiction movie that takes place behind closed doors in a skyscraper. The main hero of the film is a guard soldier and there is also a woman and we follow their adventures in this building. We discover at one point that the male soldier is in fact a cloned soldier like all the soldiers in this building (we see the clones in incubators), and at the end we realize that the woman is also cloned. I remember that at the end they come out of the skyscraper and the outside is totally polluted, with in particular disgusting water flowing and rubbish everywhere.
Thanks if somebody know the name of this movie or tv movie !

atulipe Posted new comment Aug 19, 2022

Cloned or androids?

Oh maybe they were androids in fact.. Sorry my memories are not very clear