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Movie about a car invention

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Car movie

The plot goes a guy comes up with a electric car invention or a regular car.. can’t remember and then the partner a guy who also is involved with the business fakes the other guys death and then moves somewhere with the guys wife and builds a house exactly the way that guy wanted it (huge mansion I remember it had a indoor bowling alley and pool) But those cars that were invented were super popular and everyone in that area was driving that particular make and model. He faked the guys death but the guy was in some sort of coma and then he wakes up and becomes friend with some kind of bartender or something and then finds his wife as well as the guy who conned him. (From what I remember it looked similar to a fiat)
The movie was from 2000-2015

Edit: I also remember the guy who got screwed over paid other people to secretly sabotage the guy while he was watching from a distance.

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Smackdaddy82 Selected answer as best Feb 29, 2020

Maybe this one?:
“Clear History” (2013)

casspir Posted new comment Feb 29, 2020

Thank you soooo much!! Yes this is it!
I was searching so much about a movie with a car invention etc! Thank you!!!!

You are most welcome.

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