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Mother creates war on USA


HI, Newby here. Looking for name of movie I’ve only seen once on television by chance. It was terrorist attacking USA and secret special ops group from USA tracking them. The plot twist is someone on the inside for the USA was helping them and the person who was really behind the attacks was a mother. The mother was getting revenge for the death of her son. I dont know who killed him, how he died or anything. I just remember a bunch of car chases and explosions lots of ammo in broad daylight. Someone at home base controlling traffic lights to help the Special Ops team get away. At the end lady from USA Special ops soldier got on a plane and was either shot or it blew up. It was sabatoge after sabatoge plot twist after plot twist looking for the enemy. PLEASE TELL ME THE NAME OF THIS MOVIE. From what I remember with the pic quality and vehicles it may be late 90s to mid 2000s.

Dr Siren Asked question Aug 17, 2022