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Mistery, time loop/travel female protagonist


So, as best as I can remember here it goes:

At the begining of the movie the female protagonist witnesses a somewhat elderly woman killing herself (jumping from a window/balcony). As she falls to the ground, she throws away a bunch of (photos/letters or journal pages, can’t remember exactly). The protagonist takes the stuff the elderly woman threw away and…as I belive, she starts to travel back in time or something. There she meets this man that she starts to have a relationship with him even though he is abusive and married and…plot twist…towards the end she finds out that he was actually her father. And she was the woman she knew, as a child, to be her fathers mistress.

Its been driving me nuts trying to find this movie. Thanks in advance!

Bogdangerous Unselected an answer Jun 18, 2021

The Love Letter??

Bogdangerous Posted new comment Jun 18, 2021

Sorry. It’s not Love Letter.