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mind bending thriller with a family succubus????????????


mind bending Thriller/ horror
it is the life story of a guy ,with childhood recalls all the way up to the time when his own adult children put him into a home.
the details I recall (not in chronological order in the actual movie)
when he is a child his mother has a lover, I got the impression that he thought his father knew she had a lover as well, since his father was in a wheelchair.
I.E the lover performing certain acts with her that he no longer could.
This ends in a Murder/Suicide, and with I believe his father saying he was finally free just before he kills himself.
Later as an adult he and his wife visit the house where it all happened, he has inherited this house, he starts to recall odd things.
They decide to remodel this house and use it as a vacation home. Somewhere along the way in travel
ling to and from there to their full time home he picks up a hitchhiker or several I’m not sure anyway it comes out during the movie …..this was his mothers incubus, now turned into his succubus, and he is now under its spell.
later when he is put into a home his adult children recall him as a dead beat dad never there his memory is different…like the succubus has stolen his real life he did spend with his kids and replaced it with this alternate reality that they remember instead.

Don.neal Posted new comment Jul 4, 2022

I thought maybe the dad was played by Beau Bridges but I could not find anything even close under the movies he has played in