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Military themed drama movie from mid 90s


Hey folks,

I’m looking quite a while for a movie I watched when I was a kid.

It came on a cd with another movie called ‘caught up’ with bokeem woodbine from 1998 and I am pretty sure, the movie I’m looking for came from round about the same year. At least the quality of the movie would indicate that.

Anyway, I loosely remember the storyline or detailed scenes but I have somewhat of blurry memories of a few destinct things.

I remember that there were two american journalists or photographers. As much as I can remember they went on a plane to reach their destiny (i think argentina?) but landed in a spot, where military forces were fighting at that time. That could also be a civil war of some sort or the middle of a revolution but the two americans landed there and kinda felt lost there at first.

As much as I remember they were still in probably south america, probably could also be a south east asian country.

Not only was it their profession, but at least one of the protagonists frequently shot pictures with his I think polaroid camera he always took with him around his neck.
The next scene I can remember is that both were handicapped or moved in a heavily armored car. While their convoy drove the camera panned to a destroyer or battleship of some sort, where armored men were patroling.

It could be right after that, but at least one of two american arrived on a military or police station. Upon arriving they saw a death squad preparing to kill captives which faced the wall. Right after that they met an american and oddly enough I recall that he ate omelette or eggs in general while the journalist watched him in awe and confusion. It was a sunny day and I can remember that guards were around him. He must be a big shot of some sort, a general or politician who was involved with the fightings all around. You can see that especially in the ending. Both of the journalists clearly didn’t want to be their and I don’t know if there was a deal they made which was broken or wear just in shock that they landed in that spot while fightings ocurred, but they were mainly just unhappy with their situation, that’s for sure.

One key moment I think was, when the supposed general or politician shot someone with a gun, but held it with cloth to avoid finger prints. Before that he gave the gun to his visitor, the journalist and ordered him to shoot him. Though he pointed the gun at the target he refused and gave the weapon to the general/politician -you know what let’s call him frank from now on. This scene I think was supposed to add to the feeling of the two journalists being set up to be there and probably cause chaos.

Frank had a friend/associate/partner who was shaven but still, especially because of his role I compared him to Fidel castro so call him Fidel. On the contrary to frank, who was blonde and white, fidel looked like a local. Pretty much brown, black hair. Apart from the beard you could also compare him to fidel castro tbh.
Anyway, there was a scene where fidel walked up a street with a briefcase. The street had palms on the side walk. I always thought it could be in miami but I don’t think that that would make sense for the movie. Fidel further on walked casually until he found the place he was looking for, being probably a cinema, at least from the looks of it. It was a pretty big building. Fidel walked in it and after a few seconds you saw fidel hastily coming out the building. He than went on crossing the street again and walked away where he came from, but he was in hurry this time. When the camera finally paned to the building again it blew up and screams came out of it.
This scene was pretty chill or silent as there was no sound beside the cars that drove by.

Then there was the final scene where Frank and fidel stood on a podium or balcony and fidel all of a sudden had this assembly looking like a tropico type el presidente. However they accomplished it, fidel was supposed to be a leader/general/president in that local area or possibly the whole country but I can’t remember what exact position he was then. While Frank and next to him Fidel were standing and talking to people or press there. The protagonist, one of the journalists watched them from a distant in the middle of the crowd in front of the podium. He was clearly saddened, and I think at that point he even lost his friend, either killed or missing. He took his last picture I think, turned around and walked away.
There was this last shot I never forget, where the camera angled a long street, behind the protagonist walking away slowly like a broken man. Shortly after a deathsquad of appeared, close to the camera, assembled themselves and after their order, shot in the back of the protagonist, leaving him dead too. Right after that the credits started rolling.

To be perfectly honest, I can’t say if I’m mixing up, at least a few of the scenes with different movies or scenes I saw. But then I would’t know which movie or scene that would be from so I clearly stil categorize my description to one movie.

If it’s a help, I can call you a movie, where I was so sure, that I was looking for that movie but sadly it isn’t. The movie is called Salvador with james woods from 1986. Go ahead and watch the trailer. Like I said from the looks and theme of my movie it was pretty spot on, but the ending was different, and I couldn’t find any scenes I was looking for in Salvador. It still pretty much catches up to what I am looking for.

In addition to that, the CD where this was on came with a german movie magazine, as I am living there myself. I’m pretty sure, that there were 2 CD’s in total, with one of them being the movie caught up, as it usual was with magazines at least here in germany. Its possible, that the magazine came out about the early 2000s.

Otherwise I’m pretty much burned out and will get a drink right after checking this 😛

I hope I could express myself and my thoughts in a clear way, but I am open for questions tho and am happy to see your suggestions.

Thanks a bunch in advance, stay healthy and have a nice one all 😉

carlsson Posted new comment Feb 9, 2021

Do you remember the title of the magazine you got this movie with?

I don’t know which magazine it exactly was.
I suspect it was TV Movie or TV Spielfilm, like I said a german magazine. Though I could find some of the covers, I couldn’t find the one I was looking for. The covers tho ring a bell while looking at them
It’s possible that the movies came with separate magazine but I suspect that both came from the same issue.

Hope it helps ^^