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Mid-80s mystery TV movie or episode…maybe?


Years ago, maybe mid-80s, I saw a TV show episode, or possibly one of those made-for-tv movies, in which a young woman accidentally takes a picture of a killer who goes after her. The only images I can remember is that she may have taken the photo outside a busy restaurant or during a festival and that when she goes on the run, she hides the film canister inside a church in a money donation slot. I remember the church being one of those old, European style churches made of stone.

I’m fairly sure it was a mystery and that the main characters were helping this woman.

I want to say it was an episode of The Hardy Boys because whenever I see Parker Stevenson or Shaun Cassidy I think about it, but none of the episode descriptions sound like it. So maybe it was something else they were in?

Does this rather vague description sound familiar to anyone else?

KimberlyA_713 Asked question Apr 11, 2022