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Mexican film, woman with monologue directly at camera and “intruder” (CW: violent sexual scene)

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I believe this to be a full-length film, and it had to be filmed no later than the mid- or late-2000s (I want to say it was earlier, maybe by a couple decades?). I am almost certain it was Mexican, and almost equally certain that it was at a minimum in Spanish. My memory is that the film was comprised almost entirely of a woman that set up a camera in her living room, and was filming herself talking about her life, or a past love, or something like that. It seems off to remember that this filled up almost an entire film, but that’s how I remember it. An important plot point is that at some point in the latter part of the film, a man enters and I believe the viewer is meant to believe he rapes her, on screen or just off screen. The film isn’t pornographic or anything of the sort, so it’s possible this intruder scene happens off screen. Anyway, at some point it is revealed to the viewer that this “intruder” was the woman’s partner, or husband, or whatever, and that the entire intrusion was planned by both and consensual. I don’t remember any other details.

amanintown Asked question Sep 18, 2020