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Metaphor of a dictatorship state, about a technician who tries to set up a telephone machine


A technician tries to set up a telephone machine (I can’t remember where, but I guess it was just an ordinary client). In order to do that he needs a certain form (I can’t remember exactly the name of the forms / floors, but they were something like in the examples I will use next). He needs the form 2B, which he can get from floor 2. To get form 2B, he needs to go to floor 4, to fill in form 3F. And so on, he needs quite a few other forms, to get the actual one he needed to install the phone machine. I can’t remember what other problems he ecnounter, but I think there were more.
In the end, the technician hangs himself with the telefon line.
I think I remember a scene with a window and him hanging on the line.
The movie is a metaphor of a dictatorship state.
I guess the movie tries to show the unbelievable bureaucracy, and how a dictatorship actually crush the individuals.
It’s something similar somehow with “The Castle”, based on Kafka’s book.
It must be a movie from the 90s – 00s.

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The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones
Espionage Escapades

pegasus Posted new comment Jan 3, 2022

Thank you very much, pori, I think this was the movie I was trying to find. I used to watch the series on TV, years ago.
Your help is very much appreciated.