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Maybe Pinocchio movie, adult Pinocchio trying to avoid a curse


Looking for help finding a movie watched upwards of 10 years ago:
Live action
Either Pinocchio or some other fairytale bent
It was an adult character (as in grown up from the original story) who had forgotten the morals learned in their original fairytale (like Pinocchio forgetting the human part of being a real boy) and racing against the clock to try and find an antidote/fountain of youth solution to avoid turning back into a puppet.
Extra detail – the antagonist may have wanted him to become a puppet again for their own benefit?
From memory there is a scene near the end set in some kind of cave (potentially icy) with the antidote there, and it seems like the character doesn’t make it in time (i.e. turns back into wood) but by this time they’ve relearned the morals and break the curse again.
It may be a movie or a tv mini series, apologies I have no actor names or such as it was such a long time ago.
Thank you!

jzlo Posted new comment Dec 28, 2022

Live or animated?
Family or dark?

Hi Joel
Live action
No music
Dark for sure! Like dark fairytale.