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Man kills himself, finds love, really they’re in a coma, they’re having like a shared fever dream


A man kills himself and goes to a place where people who kill themselves go. He goes to work every day, lives in a small apartment with a room mate, and he meets a woman who over dosed and didn’t mean to die. They have to drive across the desert landscape to ask some entity or guy or something if they could come back to life because their deaths were a mistake. There was a part we’re dude dropped a cassette or something under the passenger seat and it went into a black hole and anything that gets dropped down there is gone forever. all I remember after that is that they wake up or maybe they don’t but the camera pans out and they’re in the hospital together and the entire movie was just basically a shared fever dream between two people who tried to kill themselves and failed…. I think I remember seeing it around 2010-2012 ish

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Wristcutters: A Love Story(2006)?

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Aaaaaaand thank you.