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low budget modern sci fi/horror film? please help


about 5 years or so ago (2016-2018 is my guess) my mom was streaming an absolutely crazy sci fi movie on the family tv (or possibly show, i didn’t stick around long enough to find out) and it’s haunted me ever since. she fell asleep while it was playing and forgot what it was called, so neither of us know what it was.

the actual movie was very, very bad, it seemed low budget with bad acting and weird looking makeup/cgi. it was also modern, i think it was either a streaming platform original movie or one that just came out. (2015-2018ish)

there are two things i can vividly recall. there was a young girl in what seemed to be an incredibly poor town on a platform of some sort speaking to a crowd of people gathered around with an older man. half of her face was incredibly deformed— not just slightly, but bulbous and alien like.

the other is a man with an alligator TAIL walking through what seemed to be a dimly lit luxury apartment or pool area; there was an indoor pool by him. he proceeded to give birth through his stomach in the pool to tadpoles??

if anyone has any idea what this movie is, please help. it’s haunted me ever since and i don’t know how to even begin to search for it. absolutely desperate.

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