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low-budget, maybe a tv movie, scientists trapped in a forest with an alien (might be Spanish)


I believe it was made sometime between 2000-2011 — All I remember about the movie is that there was a group of people, most likely to be scientists, or the majority of them were scientists, and probably geophysicists – driving to a forest to camp there for a while to continue their researches; they have a van or two. Then some stuffs happen and they cannot leave the place. Also in the mean time, they find an unfamiliar object/living/egg/meteorite/??? (I cannot remember) and somehow they get to learn about its being dangerous, unsafe. This thing/alien I believe usually attacks or do stuffs at night – I remember their wanting to secure all the windows and doors on the van and at some point, one of the windows get/be opened somehow, and one of the people (I am not sure about this part) starts to act strange, maybe the alien was controlling him, or the alien shapeshifted. I remember something bad happening to a woman and then dying. Not sure if she was pregnant, or had another sort of problem, like maybe the alien got inside her body.

As I said before, in the title, I think it is a Spanish language movie, but also might not be – it is definitely a low-budget movie though. thanks!

VHS_Lives Answered question Mar 16, 2022

Unfortunately not. This movie only had 1 alien? in subject as far as I remember.

I remember that the movie only took place in that forest, and even only within a small area just around the van. I remember their trying to secure/close all the windows when someone stays inside.