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Lost movie title-ex spy helps a widow.

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This is a second post to make my request current. I appreciate having this chance to perhaps finally solve this question.

I have searched the internet and many sites for quite a while now trying to find the title to a movie that I saw on tv about 2013. I would greatly appreciate your help in getting this movie title. Thank you.
Some of what I can remember:
A retired (British) Government agent or spy meets a woman who lives in his apartment building. She is the widow of a dead agent, but the government refuses to acknowledge any connection to him and won’t provide the benefits due her. The retired agent decides to help. The government tells him to leave it alone and stay out of it. He pursues it anyway and forces the government to acknowledge the woman’s husband as a government employee and provide her the benefits due her. As a result, he is danger of retaliation from government agents and has to “disappear” for an indefinite period of time. He has accumulated a collection of valuable paintings and sells them to finance his disappearance and relocation. The woman wants to continue the relationship that they have developed but he feels it is to dangerous for her and won’t tell where he is going. He leaves her an expensive painting so that “…she will have something beautiful on her wall to look at.” It seems there is the implication that the painting will provide a clue where she can find him if she wants to, and the money to follow him later.
Again, thank you for the help.

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Maybe “Page Eight” (2011)?:
Detailed plot summary on Wikipedia here:

Quote from the above Wikipedia page:
“Johnny gives Nancy a Christopher Wood painting from his collection.”

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Thank you casspir. That’s it! I appreciate your answering my question.