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looking to find the name of a movie

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in this movie all i can really remember about it is it takes place at what seems to be a summer camp. and this boy who i think after grown up is narrating the story of what is going on while he is at this camp. but what makes it most memorable is he gets an ill timed erection and instead of hiding waiting for it to go away he decides to tape it to his leg so its not noticed. he possibly had to be somewhere. so, as he heads to his destination he is walking stiff legged till he sees a girl that he likes in the distance and then he narrates something along the lines of how the tape wasn’t strong enough or something like that and even mentions the girls name.

i do know that this is an 80s or 90s movie but that is about all i do remember. possibly even older than that considering the possibility of me growing up watching it on tv. any help figuring this out would be much appreciated. i have been trying to figure out this movie for quite some time.

yoshiyike Asked question Apr 5, 2021