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[Looking for the title] Movie with black and white cat getting lost

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The movie in question is probably a low budget movie. It’s about a black and white (b/w) cat that is locked out of his house and has to survive the outdoors until his owner returns. All animal’s mouths do not move when they talk. Some sound effects are made by the voice actors.I will describe a few scenes to help:

  • Scene #1 that I remember: The cat is being chased by a dog, and night is about to fall. he finds a construction site and sees a Caterpillar Backhoe and deduces that it is for cats (due to the CAT logo). He hides in it for the night until the dog goes away. He is awoken in the morning when workers start working again.
  • Scene #2 that I remember:
    The cat is being dived bombed by talking birds. The birds make dive-bombing noises, and they are accompanied by slightly cheesy chase music.
  • Scene #3 that I remember:
    The b/w cat meets a female cat (I’ll call her cat #2). Cat #2’s owner clearly abandoned her, but she is in denial and believes they will return. She keeps prepping things for the owner.

That’s about as much as I can remember clearly. Not sure if this will turn up any results. I watched this movie when I was around 4-5 (2007-8). I still had a VCR tv, so it may have been on VHS (Meaning it may have been made in the ’90s or early 2000s). It could also be a DVD because I had that too.

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pori Selected answer as best Oct 5, 2020

was it an animated film?


thanks, i had no idea what to look for. everything I searched for did not yield this result, so I’m pleasantly surprised you found it 🙂