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Looking for the name of a 90’s car commercial, not a film

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I am trying to find this TV ad from my childhood, it aired in the 1990s-early 2000’s: It featured a Mom driving her two sons to school on their first day. It had a rustic tone to it. The mother and sons were all blonde I remember and the boys express some reluctance/fear of peer rejection on the drive to the school. As the brothers approach the school the younger brother says “What’s up?” to the in-crowd standing outside and one of them compliments the mom’s vehicle (maybe a minivan) calling it a “Sweet ride.” These are all the details I remember about it. Anyone know the title of it or the vehicle model it advertised?

It was an ad for a minivan, that much I know but I can’t recall the model brand.

FilmKing649 Asked question Jul 27, 2022