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Looking for name of movie

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I’m looking for the name of a movie about a lonely guy falling in love with a woman’s dead body he find. This guy I believed is a redneck and mental handicap. He finds a woman who had died from a car accident or a fall and takes the body back to his cabin. He treat the body as a wife and cares for it as if it was alive. Elsewhere a woman is looking for her missing sister who she doesn’t know has died and is being kept by the man. Later on a other man released from jail or prison tries to rape a little girl in the woods who had come back from shopping or schools. She escapes and the man hides to the cabin of the dead woman and the other man went shopping. The man returns and finds out the guy had rape the dead woman and kills him for tainting the body. Eventually the sister and other a guy goes to the cabin and the mental handicap man see her and plans to kill her and make her his new dead wife. The name of this movie isn’t called Child of God. One scene I remembered is a man use a razor to scrape yellow plaque off his teeth. This movie I think was made from 2009-2013. I saw this movie in June 2013

VHS_Lives Answered question May 17, 2020