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Looking for name of movie

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Ok, as far as I recall the movie may be B&W, so maybe be 50’s or 60’s. It’s about a guy who’s basically a right twat, thug, criminal etc. He has this gf who adores him but he treats her really badly. Anyway, as I remember he’s a criminal & the police are after him. Before they find him he goes to one of those recording places & makes a record for his gf. He basically heaps crap on her, saying things like ” I know you want me to say I love you, but I don’t etc etc. So he has this record to give her but before he can he ends up in a shootout with the police. He dies & after the gf gets given this record by the police. She listens to it & it’s been damaged so all it plays is “I love you…” She cries sad & happy tears… The End. Thanks for any help.

OmegaMan Answered question Jul 26, 2022

Brighton Rock (2010)
stars Sam Riley as Pinkie.
Great flick!
Based on the novel by Graham Greene.
Another version was filmed in 1948 with Richard Attenborough as Pinkie.

OmegaMan Edited answer Jul 26, 2022