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Looking for name of movie

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couple hike up a mountain to a cabin in the woods, miles from anyone for there honeymoon. They have sex infront of the fireplace he uses ribbon around her neck while she is on top. The movie had to have come in our between 2000-2019 looked fairly new kind of had a scary movie feel to it. But I only got to watch the first 15 – 20 min before someone changed the channel. It was on the TV on a holiday. Can’t remember whether it was Thanksgiving or Christmas.

casspir Answered question Mar 16, 2022

Nope neither of those. the movie starts off with them hiking up a mountain far up in the woods. I don’t think there was any lake involved… They talk about there wedding and how far from everyone and everything they are going to be. He seemed kinda like a asshole and she seemed kinda naive… the sex scene was like only 2-4 min into the movie almost immediately fallowing them arriving at the cabin… very romantic while still being really kinky. He takes the ribbon around her neck then to a post above the fire place then laces back to his hands she is on top of him he can control how tight the ribbon goes around her neck. She has control while he has control. Hella sexy… I want to say she was a red head. I didn’t recognize either actors.