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Looking for movie where a woman makes either a video chatting app on mac or a dating app, help?


This movie was around early-mid 2000’s, it mainly takes place through this woman’s mac laptop on an app of some kind she made where you use your webcam and mic. She sees a girl either getting killed or tortured while at a coffee shop, and the bad people hurting the girl start to come after the main actress. They start hurting and or killing people she cares about, and at the end her and her boyfriend are taken to some place and she almost escapes and I think she gets killed at the end while I think it’s being recorded with other people watching it through the app or some website. Anyone have any ideas?

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Kirhyraeth Selected answer as best Jun 22, 2022

The Den (2013)?

Kramerjp Posted new comment Jun 22, 2022

yes, that is it. thank you so much.

You’re welcome!