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Looking for an old thriller title


I have an OLD movie that I’m dying to find the name of: it’s from the 60’s or 70’s (maybe early 80’s?). A bunch (10-12) models/starlets go to a chalet/hotel for a weekend, and they get picked off one by one. All I remember (I was very little) was a scene with a death in a gondola and someone who died by blow dryer. I reqlly want to find it and watch it as an adult!!!

Chisco Answered question Jun 30, 2022

Right idea, but it’s not the movie 🙁 – I just found that on Youtube and skimmed it – no dice…
I really think it might be an earlier work – 60’s or 70’s –
I watched whatever it is on Network TV (on a saturday afternoon-type slot) somewhere between 1984-1986, so it’s definitely no later than 86 – And I would guess that, in the mid 80’s, networks weren’t putting fresh films on afternoon TV.

Thanks though!!!