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Looking for an old movie

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Hello, I’ll try and be as specific as I can.
I’m looking for a movie I watched yeaaars ago, if I remember correctly, watched on Hallmark Channel.

The movie is about two guy friends, one blonde the other brunette (kinda look like Paul Dano)
This blonde friend is the agressive one, at one point, (if I remember correctly), the brunette one, kills the blonde’s one mother and they runaway together and become killers on teh road..
I think the movie is the brunete one in prison narrating all the stuff they did togeteher, maybe on a trial…

Anyway, I can add that in the final credits, plays “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas.


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pori Selected answer as best Jul 5, 2022

I am pretty sure this is Deadly Betrayal: The Bruce Curtis Story. It is a really good NBC TV Movie that first aired in 1992. The movie was based on a true crime that took place a decade earlier — the murder of Alfred and Rosemary Podgis. I have never seen a copy on VHS or any other format or I would have picked it up. I’m pretty sure it was never released for home video. I recorded a rerun many years ago, but I taped over it.

But someone has put a copy of the movie on youtube if you want to watch it again.

pori Selected answer as best Jul 5, 2022

You have no idea how long I’ve been looking for this movie!!!! thank you very much!!!