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Looking for an Indian movie

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Saw this movie around 2010 – 2012, not sure what year it was released, but not later than 2012, and I have been looking for it. Here’s the storyline.

It’s an Indian movie. So this nice guy is just a normal guy with potential (either as an actor or a musician, something to do with becoming a celebrity), he meets a girl and they become good friends even as he is yet struggling to become famous. He stays in his car, does his laundry, and on one occasion, she comes to see him with his clothes hanging on the car doors while he’s asleep inside. He is quite embarrassed, but she tells him not to be. She even encourages him that very soon he would become famous and walk the red carpet with cameras and flashes all over him and that he would forget her, choosing a model over her. In the end, her prediction comes true but he does not leave her for some other girl. Instead, he chooses to walk the red carpet with her.

Please help me find this movie.

goodwad Asked question Jun 10, 2022