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Looking for an animated movie, maybe made early 2000s, not quite sure but it was before 2015.

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I remembered the trailer of this particular movie. I watched it for the first time when I got a rental DVD, so can’t see it again, the shop closed :(.
So, the trailer begins with this young boy that goes on a dare, I believe and meets a knight/samurai that thinks a train is a dragon, then wakes up and tells the same knight/samurai he has to find a way to go back home. There also appeared a bobcat that had somehow turned into a strange man-beast and also wanted to return to how he was before. They go on a search and find a little monster, it looked strange cat-like but also not, its name was translated as Chisaku in my language. The samurai guy saying “Chisaku is as important as the key.” AKA the key to get their wishes, there is also an evil guy that wants to get Chisaku and gain powers. I think there was a cameo poster of the big guy riding a black horse with some white on the face, not Black beauty. Was maybe made by the same company? that made 20 000 feet underwater, also Kid in time, not sure aout that but the art style was similar.

Antoaneta Answered question Jun 7, 2020

Would the movie be in english originally or is it an anime instead of like an animated movie from america?


Don’t know. I think the original was in english but the trailer I watched was translated to my country’s language, Bulgarian “Iskam da se varna i otnovo da bada obiknoven ris.”, ya get it? As I said, I think it was made by the same guys that made Kid in time (another animated movie) but am not sure. Oh, I remembered. The bobcat man said something like “I will join you and we’ll find the gate”? Something like that? I am translating from memory here.

Antoaneta Posted new comment Jun 8, 2020

Yes! That is it!! Thank you very much! I had been so close, yet so far.