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Looking for an action/mob movie from 70s-early 90s with two suited hitmen

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Hello everyone:

I need help finding a movie that I haven’t seen the early 90s. I am 36 now and was in the single-digits in age when I saw this so I will describe it as best as I can. Here is what I know:

Time Period: The movie was probably made between 1970s-early 1990s
Rating: The movie was pretty violent, so it likely had an R rating
Description: In the one scene I remember, there are two guys inside an apartment or hotel room having a conversation. The scene cuts to outside where two guys in suits walk slowly up a flight of stairs and approach the door of the apartment with silenced pistols. The two suited hitmen bust into the room and take out one of the guys. The other guy in the room avoids being hit and makes a run for it out the back. One of the hitmen checks the guy he just shot to see if he is still alive. This is all I remember of the scene. The amount of blood squibs used on the guy who got hit was borderline gratuitous and pretty violent. This movie was also made back in the days when silenced firearms had that dull laser-like sound. Based on the above, this was likely an action or mob movie.

This was the first movie that introduced me to firearm silencers. Because I was so young when I saw this movie, I was shocked at how violent the movie was. But I thought the silencer sound was really cool. Unfortunately, my efforts to find this movie have been fruitless up until now.

Does anyone out there have any idea what movie this is?


Crockett85 Posted new comment Aug 17, 2022

Didn’t Pulp Fiction have a similar scene?

It’s not Pulp Fiction.

From what I remember about this movie, it likely would have been made in the 80s.