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Looking for amateur animated movie


Does anyone know what this movie is cause I really like it
The main girl has some kind of air powers (I think her name’s Lottie but not sure)
Some other lady has air powers and kidnaps a bunch of princess by manipulating the air around their dresses or something
And a bunch of people try to run the main girl out of a town cause they think she’s dangerous too
Some guy helps her get out and he helps her find the other princesses
I think she was a princess too and had her lady in waiting take her place for something cause she didn’t want to be there and that’s when they got captured?

Can’t remember what year this came out, but most likely in the mid 2000s to early 2010s. Found it on Amazon prime years ago

And it had a rough 2D artstyle if that helps

Janna Changed status to publish Sep 27, 2020