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looking for a thriler-psychology movie from the early-middle 90s

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hey good people

im looking for this movie for a while, and cant find it :\

the plot of the novie begins when a 17 years old girl, sleeps with her mom boyfreind, named “ramon” (this is the only name i remember)

her mom stabbing ramon in his face when she catch them.

and after that night the plot jumping in time, 20 years forward, the 17 years girl become a psychology, and ramon find her and chase her

and thats all i remember, unfortunatly

about the time of the movie, i saw it in like 1997-98, and for that time, in looks very fresh, so i assume that this movie is not made before 1990, but who knows (:

im really hope that you will help me to find this movie, i need it for a study assignment

thank you all, and good luck in the serching (:

p.s: sorry about my bad english, now my first language, as you better notice…

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