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Looking for a movie that’s been bugging me since I was a kid

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I’m looking for a movie that starts with a kid (late teens ish) who is not wearing a shirt. He’s in his attic, I believe, and performing some kind of satanic ritual. There are candles/lights in a circle around him and he places a double edged knife in the middle standing up (blade pointing up). The blade is weird too. It doesnt have anything in the middle of the blade so it looks like 2 knives on one handle. Then he places himself above the knife in a push-up position and eventually let’s go and screen goes black.

I just remember this scene from when I was a kid and it’s been bothering me that I never found out what movie it was. Probably crap, but I still want to find out. Don’t have anymore info on the movie since my mother caught me watching a movie I shouldn’t.

Hoping someone has an answer here. Thanks!

Christofferdt92 Asked question Jun 17, 2020