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Looking for a movie or drama


Looking for that drama or movie, i think it’s asian. The story is about a girl who was gang raped and i guess she committed suicide. I specifically remember she was raped at a park or something. Then this guy gets revenge for her because he was in love with the girl. Plot twist is the guy was actually there when the girl was raped but he couldn’t do anything but watch the girl he likes get raped, he just couldn’t remember that he was one of them.

VHS_Lives Answered question Feb 7, 2022


I am thinking probably it isn’t this, but closest I found.

akey2096 Posted new comment Mar 17, 2022

close enough but i’m pretty sure the guy didn’t remember he was one of the perpetrators cuz his brain sort of blocked it(cuz i was surprised of the plot twist at the end). and i was really thinking it maybe a chinese movie but there’s absolutely nothing on google ugh…thanks anyway

I’ll admit, asian, and eastern european, films are some of the hardest to track down info on, for lost titles. If you can google search in those languages specifically, you can see places we cannot, and that might help. The plot twists aren’t always spoken about, which is why I thought the basic rape/revenge would have found it through imdb, but it did not. Any specification as to what year you saw it or u think it was made?

Found it. It was Suspicious Partner.