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Looking for a horror movie with a girl


I once saw parts of a (I think) horror movie/series with a scene that was set at night with a girl in a basement/cabin. She was with a man, I think a predator, which she didn’t know because she was young. She loved taking photo’s of everything and she had a disposable camera she got from her parents. I remember a scene where her father asked her how she again ran out of camera roll. At some point the girl goes missing. It’s not the movie “Basement”, it’s older. Somewhere between 2000-2012. It was I believe horror. I saw this when I was a child so it’s an old memorie.

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pori Selected answer as best Jul 29, 2022

Could it be the film The Lovely Bones?
Several details are similar

Here’s the IMDb

Abba Posted new comment Jul 30, 2022

That’s the one! Thanks for the answer!

Yay! Happy I could help!!