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looking for a flim i cant find

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its a film about a young boy iris/british maybe lives on a dangerous neighberhood he has an older brother who get in allot of trouble got into jail as well the boy has an abusive father who the kid eventualy hits his dad and get kicked from the house by his mom for it he gets addicted to drugs/glue i think and his mates turn on him and start to hate him scenes i recall from the film : 1. the boys brother spins bottles onthe neck of a kid that bullied him 2: he is late to go pay the bond on his brother release 3 . he smacks a big rock on a neighbore head 4 . he eventuly in the end go back to school but in the retard class . would love to know if u know the movie name thx

pori Posted new comment Nov 28, 2020

where they black or white kids?

white kids origin british or irish




It just took the right combo of words 🙂

VHS_Lives Answered question Oct 15, 2020