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Looking for a crime/gang film

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Looking for the gang/crime genre that included bailiffs coming to take all their possessions at the end (I assume after the protagonist gets caught and is now in debt, but I can’t remember, I only know this scene), so to avoid being completely left without anything, he dresses the wife in all of the jewellery and baubles they can. I remember she’s in a fur coat, and as the bailiffs come they have a family dispute, she starts throwing the stuff off her as her husband rushes to pick them up and put them on her before the bailiffs can take it.
I feel like its something Wolf of Wall Street-esqu, but it isn’t that. And I have no idea what the film is. Thanks

John byers Posted new comment Mar 7, 2022

Is it “American Made” with Tom Cruise and Sarah Wright? He flies in drugs and guns for the Columbian cartel while also working for the C.I.A.

classicfilmguy Answered question Sep 14, 2018