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Looking for a British supernatural (possible made for TV film) late 70s early to mid 80s…


Ive been trying to track down a film I saw as a child for years now with no luck, hoped someone could help me via this site.
I saw it when I was very young on British television, must have been around the mid 80s (I was born in 78, and was between 7-and-10 when I watched it I believe). Possibly a repeat, as I remember it looking quite “70s”
It was a British supernatural film, very much in the style of the BBC’s “Ghost Story For Christmas” films, or the Dead of Night series.
The plot was something to do with a couple who were [possibly] caretakers at a deserted school… it was maybe closed for the holidays? Whatever the reason they are there alone and they are haunted by the apparitions of a little boy and girl. The woman sees them and the husband does not believe her for most of the film.
In the final scene, the husband ties the wife, by the wrists, to a coat hook in the school cloakroom and is somehow distracted away. The little boy kills him. Meanwhile the little girl appears with a sickle, and kills the woman by stabbing her in the back with it.
This film has haunted my nightmares for years and I would love to track it down. If anyone can suggest a title, I’d be super grateful. Any ideas????
Thanks in advance!

DocBenway Asked question Apr 3, 2018