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Looking for 2 movies

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I am looking for two movies

1) A movie about 3 (or 4?) robbers. One of them gets romantically involved with a woman of the FBI (I think, could also be CIA or other).
In the first scene, they escape on rollerblades, dressed as Santa-clauses.
At the end they are ‘caught’ in a plane, only to find 3 other similar persons (like the robbers) on that plane.
I think the name has something to do with ‘STEEL’, but I’m not sure

2) A movie about a software company, like Microsoft. The CEO wants good programmers. When those young men don’t want to work for him, he kills them, but not before installing fibre cable in their rooms, with camera’s attached, so he can see the code on the screen.
I thought he said “Challenge me” a lot, to gain control over everything.
One person is trying to get in the company, to search for the video footage of the murders

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Tolle Selected answer as best Jul 26, 2020

Your first movie is
“Steal” (2002), also known as “Riders”:
Here you can watch the complete movie (albeit in Russian):

Natasha Hentstridge plays the female agent who gets romantically involved with one of the robbers (played by Stephen Dorff).
At 1:12:03 starts the scene in the above video where the three robbers are “caught” on the airplane.


Your second movie is
“Antitrust” (2001):
Detailed plot description on Wikipedia here:
Quote from the abobe Wikipedia page:
“After his best friend, Teddy Chin, is murdered, Hoffman discovers that NURV is stealing the code they need from programmers around the world—including Chin—and then killing them to cover their tracks. Hoffman learns that not only does NURV employ an extensive surveillance system to observe and steal code, the company has infiltrated the Justice Department and most of the mainstream media.”

I am sure these are the movies you are looking for. If you agree, then please select my answer as Best Answer by clicking on the “Select” button.

Tolle Posted new comment Jul 26, 2020

That was fast! Thanks! Those were indeed the movies I was looking for.