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Little girl, stuffed panda stabbed in tree?

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Trying to find movie not sure what year but best guess 1985-2000?

Cant remember what the movie was called or who was in the movie, but I can remember a couple scenes.

There was a little girl, roughly 6-9 years old, she was standing with her stuffed panda teady bear, outside the woods, and she wandered into woods, and her mother randomly appeared because she couldnt find her daughter, and she found her, but she lost her panda bear, and found it in a tree, stabbed with a knife.

There was another scene I kinda remember, the mother, was puking, and it was blood, and she believes that someone poisoned her (sorry for the lack of details, im not sure but they just ate dinner and one of the girls put something in her food or drink as poison?)

That is all I can remember, if it helps any, I saw it on tv, and the Volcano movie (1997) played right before/after

The movie was not animated***

Thank you for taking the time to help 🙂

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