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Late 90s/ early 2000s kids sci fi movie HEP


Ok this has consumed me for years and I still have no answer.

What I remember:
About 4 kids (2 guys 2 girls ranging from 10-18?) are sucked into a computer from a lightning strike or something like that.
They’re transported to another dimension/ universe.
They have to complete different tasks to get back to earth (I think).
A very specific scene I remember is them wondering around Suburbia in this alternative universe at night and there’s a lone kid playing with his basketball. They ask him where they are but the kid just says ‘my mum told me not to talk to strangers’. God it was creepy.
I think towards the end they’re in a maze and they make it out somehow and get back to earth?

Filmfind Posted new comment Jun 20, 2020