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Late 90/early 2000s thriller about girl w murder secret

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So I’ve been looking for this movie for so long and still can’t find it. I don’t remember the title (obviously) or actors but I remember in the beginning it was the mother had killed the father because he was abusive and her and the daughter bury him together in the backyard but the neighbor girl sees and said neighbor girl then taunts the now grown daughter about knowing her secret so she ends up killing the neighbor girl, oh and there’s a cute guy love interest/best friend that I believe is a known actor I just don’t know who he is **addition to plot I just remembered***
Also the best friend/love interest guy suspects the girl toward the end, finds out, and is like “what are you gonna do, kill me too?” And then she does and then right before it ends it shows a neighbor dude looking out his window and seeing her kill the guy in her kitchen

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