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Late 80’s crime drama young man dies before the end and brother avenges him.


I think I rented this movie around 1990 on VHS tape. Main character is a young man living with his brother and mother. I think the young man is involved in some kind of crime. I can’t remember many details other than the brother who was not involved in the story line much until the end. The brother doesn’t leave his room much. The brother’s room is decorated with military stuff and the brother is shown watching war movies. In one scene the brother is standing in the kitchen in his underwear trying to convince his mother to give him money to mail-order a stun gun. Towards the end of the movie, the main character is murdered. The last scene shows the brother avenging the murder “ninja style”, hanging above and reaching down to cut the murderer’s throat.

Freefilms Asked question Jan 4, 2021