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Kung fu movie from 80s/90s

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Hi there !

I’m looking for an old Kung Fu movie for which I remember only the opening scene.

The movie is opening on a chase where the guy is climbing a big yellow structure (don’t remember if it’s a roller coaster or a big wheel, not even 100% sure it’s yellow).

Thanks !

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pori Selected answer as best Aug 13, 2022

Found it, it was indeed a Jackie Chan movie : “My Lucky Stars” !

So it was not the opening scene and it was a Ferris Wheel with a yellow Ladder, my memory had not totally failed me xD

pori Selected answer as best Aug 13, 2022

Thanks for the answer! That was my first though, I spent quite some time going through his filmography and trying to watch opening scenes but couldn’t find the one I have in mind. And the more I search, the more I doubt everything (was it really an opening scene?). I’ll come back here if I find what it is xD

NaroDekk Answered question Aug 11, 2022

It sounds like a Jackie Chan movie… Have you looked into those?

RavadeSa Answered question Aug 11, 2022