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kung fu kids fight soldiers with traps like home alone but they die

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I search this movie for decades now,
we follow a bunch of kids studying king fu in a temple.
They all get a name from zodiac signs except one : turtle, since he missed the zodiac circle on the wall with his dart and pointed a turtle figure.
When soldiers arrive, they hide and the master kills himself by hitting his head against a wall.
They fight soldiers with traps. The mood is quiet funny, like in “home alone”.
Until they die, because they are just kids after all.
Does it ring a bell to someone ?

The movie is not “Kung Fu kids”. I’ve seen it years before 2000, and there is no magic and super powers. Kids are just fighting for their lives and eventually dies.

djl999 Posted new comment Oct 13, 2020

could it be an asian film or something in english? were they teens or little kids?

I think it was an asian film. Kids were between 6 and 10 years old.

Is it Little Ninja Heroes AKA Shalin Youth Posse (1972)?

Unfortunatly, it’s not Little Ninja Heroes. But it was a good try, I really appreciate your help !