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Kind of a strange one…


For years I’ve been trying to figure out this movie/tv movie that I got half through and since then it’s been stuck in my mind. Its just bits and pieces:
Two teenage girl best friends
One is a Tom boy that has army things, the other is girly with blonde hair
They usually talk via walkie talkies
The tom boy lives with only her mother
Principal/headteacher lives near
They see the principal hurt someone and put her in a freezer
No one believes them
An older girl goes missing

This may be part of this movie or another movie has somehow become a part of it…
They find the missing girl in the next town over working in a bar

As I said, quite a weird one, but I have tried so many things to get this movie out of my brain and this is my last resort… please help. Thank you.

Artful_Becca Asked question Jun 26, 2022