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killer doll movie with brother and sister accomplice


I watched this movie a long time ago and I can’t remember it. Tell me if I’m being stupid and this is just one of the Chucky movies. So there’s a brother and sister and the brother has some kind of mental or physical illness. He has a doll who can talk. The sister is some kind of murderer and she doesn’t seem remorseful. The doll encourages it and the brother kind of goes along with it. They kidnap a pregnant lady and the brother feels sorry for her and frees her. In the end, I think they kill the brother. Then the sister goes on to be a famous actress or something. And she dies having the doll’s kid. It ends with us seeing some half human, half doll creature open its eyes. I can’t get this movie out of my head and I’m desperate to find it.

moha Answered question May 10, 2021

I think his disability was that he can’t talk and the doll talks for him


tray ( Triloquist film )

moha Answered question May 10, 2021