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Kids movie about dying stars

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So, i remember when i was in like 4th grade or somthing (2005 or 2007) or teacher made us watch this animated movie where a kid that is scared of the dark, looks up at the sky and the stars start to disapear and he gets scared but he meet one star that survived. From close, the star look like shiney people (like fairys) and the kid helps the star go back to the sky. I dont remember much more, just a scene where this eveil toy/creature/plushy climbs onto the windows of sleeping chlidren and he makes a sound with his mouth (pssssssss) to make them wet the bed and another scene where the kid is walking above the clouds and he/she see all the other dead stars hanging from a thread without shining and i think the kid either takes the surviving star there or it meets here there. Also all the movie is in shades of grey except for the light (i think, maybe it just was dark XD). I know its not a lot but if anyone know witch movie it is, please let me know, i just remember being such a beutiful movie and i just want to be able to see it again

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